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CDO Nepal is a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2005 to support the displaced families of Nepal. Five Outreach Programs have been started, addressing the needs of different groups of people.


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Our Mission.

CDO works to improve the lives of underprivileged people, children working in brick and carpet factories, internally displaced people and women in need by providing medical care, health awareness & training, both formal and informal education, and empowerment of through skill development.


Family Support

CDO provides support for whole families, and special attention is given to the welfare of women and children. From nutritional and pregnancy support to educational opportunities and care services for children, our goal is to cut the generational cycle of poverty through learning and basic medical support.


Where We’re Going.

Since 2005 CDO has been creating innovative ways to provide the impoverished communities of Nepal with the basic resources and support needed to live healthy and raise their children in a safe, intellectually stimulating environment.  Our mission is to continue this outreach until there are no longer millions of people living in extreme poverty across this beautiful country.

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