Ceramic Water Filter Distribution

As we all know, water is one of the fundamental requirements for sustaining human life. Accessibility to drinking water is a serious problem for Nepali communities, especially those in the remote mountainous villages, but just as concerning is the very poor and unsanitary quality of the water causing many to suffer, and even die, from waterborne disease due to drinking water contamination with dust and fecal bacteria. The newest program offered by CDO Nepal in the last year is the Ceramic Water Filter Program. Local community members are being trained in producing ceramic water filters, which are made of local terra-cotta clay, sawdust and sand. These filters eliminate approximately 99.88% of water born disease agents and make the water cool and safe to drink. In 2019, CDO Nepal distributed 448 ceramic filter units to those in communities who lack access to safe drinking water. The target goal for 2020-2021 is to distribute at least 1500 units with focus on pregnant women and school children. For additional information, please visit the CDO Nepal home website

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