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Have a few questions before registering as a volunteer or sending us a donation? Check the FAQ for our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question, feel free to send us a message using the contact form below.


How to donate on our site using your form ?

Select the donation button in the menu bar. Type in your amount and we'll send you to a secure payment processor where you can donate using credit card or bank card. Want to send a donation by check? Send us a message using the form on this page.

Is my donation secure?

Yes, we use Paypal and Stripe to process all our payments. Your payment information is never stored on our site or revealed to us during this process.

How much of each donation is actually spend on relief and support efforts in Nepal?

100% of your donations are sent to the local CDO Nepal organization to be used in relief efforts. CDO USA does not pay salaries and our low costs are covered by donations from our board members and other volunteers.

Can I specify what my donation is spent on?

If you'd like your donation to be applied to a specific project or initiative, please send us a message after you send the donation using the form on this page.


Can I help in my local town/church?

Of course! We have volunteers that run small donation events throughout the United States. We welcome anyone who would like to spread the word and help us raise money for our life saving efforts in Nepal.

Can I volunteer to help at your offices?

We primarily work remotely, but if you'd like to help with some administrative work, send us a message.

Can I travel to Nepal to help?

We have volunteers that travel from every corner of the world to visit CDO and spend some time helping out with local initiatives. Send us a message and we'll help you make it happen.

Can I visit CDO without volunteering?

CDO Nepal would be happy to provide a tour of the brick making fields and relief centers they have around the country. Send us a message and we'll put you in contact with someone local.


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