Safe Motherhood and Childcare Program

Per Unicef’s report, Nepal’s infant mortality rate in 2019 was 27 per 1000 births. In order to help reduce this rate, CDO Nepal offers this healthcare and educational program to pregnant women in 18 local brick factories as well as those in 18 remote villages. An integral part of CDO Nepal’s SMCC project is educating community members about safe birthing practices, proper nutrition, and breastfeeding, as well as providing education on pre- and postnatal care, high-risk pregnancy, newborn care, emergency obstetric care, sanitation, nutrition, and immunizations. CDO Nepal covers all medical expenses to enable safe deliveries and emergency care in hospitals and remote health posts.


In 2019, 84 new mothers were supported with institutional delivery, helping to overcome unsafe home delivery and superstitious beliefs; 864 children under 2 years old received all nine childhood immunizations; and, 48 stretchers, 2 patient beds, 2 baby warmers, 158 Packets of Love (dress for the mother, warm baby blanket, and baby hygienic kit), and other medical equipment were provided to each of 6 local health posts.


For additional information, please visit the CDO Nepal home website

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