Remote Health Posts

The Gorkha Earthquake, which hit Nepal on April 25, 2015, and continued with severe aftershocks for a year, leveled many villages in several mountainous regions north and east of Kathmandu. Houses, schools, clinics, and bridges collapsed; many people were killed and thousands were left without food or shelter. CDO Nepal responded to this natural disaster by rebuilding health posts in two remote villages that needed assistance the most. Pregnant women, in particular, desperately needed a safe place for medical assistance and delivery. Due to poor economic conditions and no road access during the rainy season due to landslides, those who are ill, and pregnant women in remote areas depend heavily upon these health posts and the services provided by CDO Nepal.

In 2019, the new health posts in Thuladurlung and Malta, with 24-hour medical services offered, served 6048 patients, and provided safe delivery for 14 pregnant women.

For additional information, please visit the CDO Nepal home website

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